Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Know How I Did It

The first day of school was yesterday. I'm now in 10th grade. And here's how my day went:

First off, the bus came earlier, in previous years it would roll around at about 7:15-ish, but now there are new bus routes, so I have a different bus driver. And because there were all these unexpected changes, I nearly missed the bus, which came at about 6:57-ish.
Then I had a small conversation with my little cousin, Ty, who is now a freshman.
Ty- "So, is this the bus that takes us to the High school, or is it a different one."
Me- "It's a different one, you have two options, the new bus with speakers and music but I don't like that bus driver, or, you can have the old bus with the nicer bus driver, who you can actually have a conversation with as long as you're good."

Naturally, since he didn't know about how things worked, he just followed me, if you couldn't guess I chose the old bus with the cool driver.

We listened to my iPod until we got to school.
No breakfast that day, we had to go straight to the gym so the principal could go over the rules.

After about ten, fifteen minutes i finally got to my homeroom..... where the class stayed......until about 2:40. The bell rings to go to the buses at 2:46.....
I don't know how I made it through elementary school, staying in a class the whole day.
I only have two classes a day because I go to the tech school in the morning.

This nine weeks I have Health for 4th period, and English 10 for 5th period.

Next nine weeks I have Drivers Ed for 4th period, and English 10 (it's a class you have a whole semester) for 5th. Next semester i don't remember what i have, but i know i have afternoon tech then. So I'll have 1st and 2nd period classes instead of 4th and 5th. 3rd period is remediation for anyone who has failed a graduation exam. I don't know what i have because i passed all mine. I'm disappointed the got rid of the electives....

Your high school work in a similar way, or was it completely different?


Han said...

My school was epically different lol. I had 6 x 50 minute lessons a day. So school started at 9am. You would have registration or assembly till 9:20. Lesson 1 would be from 9:20 to 10:10, second was 10:10 to 11 when it was morning break. This was about 20 minutes I think but you were expected to head to your next lesson at 11:15 ready to start at 20 past. Lesson 3 and 4 would take you to lunch – 3 would be from 11:20 to 12:10 then 4 from 12:10 to 1. Lunchtime! Woot! Lunch is 50 minutes as well with two sittings depending on what year you’re in – then again because I was in the Choir and various other music groups I was able to queue jump on a regular basis so after the first few weeks of term I was on first sitting even when the rest of my year would be on second sitting. Lunch would finish at about 10 to 2 for afternoon registration. You’d then go to Lesson 5 and 6 (5 – from 2 until 2:50 and then 6 from 2:50 to 3:40 and that’s the end of the day.
Driving lessons are separate from school – so if you want them you pay for them lol. In sixth form (so year 12 and 13) you get Wednesday afternoon off for extracurricular clubs and things like that so I used to do my driving lessons in that afternoon because then I could be dropped home by my instructor lol.
In year 10 I was doing my GCSEs so I did 8 subjects and after Year 11 I passed with 10 qualifications.

Sorry epic comment :)

Evan said...

That was an epic comment. But the only thing you have to have to take Drivers Ed is a permit. And when you say school started at 9 do you mean the lessons started at nine or you had to be there at nine?

Han said...

Be there at 9 for assembly. Lessons start at 9:20 after that.

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