Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter & YouTube

Evan Obamicon
Well, I finally got my own youtube account. I'm going to make at least one video today.

I also have a Twitter account.

Enjoy both. Subscribe and/or follow.

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Angelika said...

You're welcome for the help in changing your blog colors. You change more often than I do.

I can't believe you let me pressure you into getting a Twitter account. I'm not one of your peers! OMG! If all of your friends jumped off of a bridge would you do that too? I worry about you, boy!


GZ said...

Oh! Purple is better! I have also a Youtube account (haunt4friends). I 'll invite u ;-)

God's Rock Angel said...

Ooh I like the new layout but the white font on the white skull is a bit hard to read but I just move the screen then I can read it lol.

Twitter: Cool I am now following you. I'm Girltaristhan on there.

YouTube: I do have a channel but I need to get my act together and start on some new videos. I have some awesome news that I want to post but can't at the moment and it's kinda annoying me lol.

Evan said...

GRA- I've been to your youtube.

Angelika said...

Angel - I tried to tell him that his background is too complicated to use the colors that he wants without it looking effed up, but will he listen? NO. Because he's a stubborn teenager!

GZ said...

Very nice your new template!!
Tomorrow I 'm gonna give u the URL 4 my new blog, ok?

GZ said...

THAT's it:

Evan said...

GZ- Here, it's still Apr 22. It might be three a.m. there, but its seven p.m. here.

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