Friday, February 20, 2009

Tis' a Tale of Misbehaving Students

Today, at fifth period, we students had a pushover sub. We played dodge ball....Or street dodge ball. It was the best game of dodge ball EVER! But, the sad part of the class is, the sub just watched as students, especially the ones with a mental retardation, got hit in the face and head, and even in the balls.I did hit other people, but no one hit me! Someone tried to hit me twice. And missed both times. I bet Monday Coach H.(a.k.a. shiny head) will come back as angry as ever. Every other day "he" acts like "he's" on the rag.... The bag "he" keeps were "he" sits looks like a purse.
P.S. Why is it that all the male Physical Education teacher have a potbelly?Why is it that the person that is supposed to keep us fit, isn't fit himself? He tries to show us how to do crunches but his breadbasket is in the way. "He" also tried to show us how to jump rope. Let's just say that "he" might need a bra.


Russ said...

I was picked on a lot in school.

Evan said...

Oh.... Sorry.... People don't pick on me. Did you get wedgies and swirlies? That doesn't happen here. If someone doesn't like someone else then everyone else prays for a fight.

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