Friday, February 27, 2009


I comment on blogs every once in a while, and on some blogs there are 'anonymous' comments. Why? I saw an anonymous comment not but two minutes ago. Also, since my mom is extremely lazy, she gets me to check her gmail. When I tell her its anonymous she says "Delete it, if you can't put your name down you don't deserve a reply." A lot of those comments are nice, so why not put your name? Discuss on comments.


Angelika said...

Sometimes people forget to sign in before they comment and if they leave a message afterward saying "That was me" I don't delete it.

But most anonymous comments are from freaks who just want a linkback.

Ask me what that is later, LOL.

God's Rock Angel said...

The problem I have is that my computer both at work and at home has a think about the drop down menu thing that is now on some blogs so I can't always comment so then I do it anonymous but put my name and url in the comment like so.

Hannah from

Evan said...

GRA- Oh, m'kay.

GZ said...

Yeah, you are right Evan. It's really frustrating reading comments without knowing by whom it 's written!

Evan said...


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