Thursday, August 12, 2010

High School

It's not hard so far. Just big and confusing. And a little stupid. No, not even the regular stupid.... it's stoopid.
Algebra 1, not hard.
English 09, not hard.
I don't have P.E. at all this year.
How was your high school?


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Generally speaking I enjoyed it .... a few good friends and lots of giggles ..... much like now really .....

Evan said...

Good. I wonder how big a difference European high schools are compared to American ones.

Han said...

I can help you with that lol. I went to one of those European High School (Except mine was called Upper School)

Evan said...

Besides the names, what are the differences? Besides they're called 'terms' instead of 'semesters.' Are they how they are portrayed in America? Meaning uniforms mostly.

russ said...

overall it was a good experience

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