Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Football Again

The coaches wanted me to play center... The guy who's right in front of the Quarter Back...
The thing that makes me uncomfortable is that the quarter back's hands are touching my junk.... So, one play, he was too far back, so I kind of hit my balls.... It wasn't pleasant.
Sometimes, I messed up on "the snap."
The coach, getting irritated with us, made us do plays until we reached the end zone. Half way, my hands got sweaty... So, the ball rolled out of my hands.... and we had to start all over.
We ran what people call "Forties." I have asthma, so out of maybe.... eight.... I ran five.
Well, this wasn't the worst day... Not the best.... But not the worst...

Feeling Normal



God's Rock Angel said...

At least you get to play sport!

I had to play Rugby with girls who hated mud! I was the only girl willing to charge around the field playing rugby with the boys - we did it for about two weeks and they realised that it was a waste of time so the girls went back to netball where I played Wing attack or wing defence and had nothing to do all lesson.

Evan said...

My coach said he once had a player who was allergic to grass... One kid got kicked off because he wouldn't practice because "It was too hot!"

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I have no understanding of American football at all ...... you just around tripping people up don't you?

Evan said...

Sort of.... I don't really understand football either... I know I have the quarter back's hands on my junk, I give the ball to him as fast as I can, then hit the person in front of me.

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